Rosy Glow LipsRosy Glow Lips

While it can stand alone as the prettiest of lip treatments,

there is so much more fun to have with it! Apply your favorite

lip liner underneath for a little extra depth of color and staying

power. Or, apply Rosy Glow Lips, let it soak in a few minutes and

apply your favorites lipstick or gloss over for moisture-packed

color. Remember, the longer you use RGL, the more benefit your

lips will see!

Get Your GLow Back EyesGet Your Glow Back Eyes

Use this all around the eye area on the "socket" for maximum brightening, even a little on the area where the inner eye meets the nose. Apply foundation or concealer over if you like (you will need less!). For an easy finished look, apply a soft taupe shadow from the lashline to just below the browbone, avoiding the inner eye lid.


Baby your FaceBaby Your Face wipes
Besides saving you from the regret of waking up with a dirty face,

the wipes are a great mid-day refresher especially if you are re-

applying makeup. I love to use them on my daughter's face for

messes instead of baby wipes since they are kind to her skin too!










Hybrid Mom


Creator and makeup artist Margo Hertzfeld has come up with great multi-tasking uses for all the Rosy Glow products!